A Beautiful Dream

Pulsating blood vessels illuminates the broken biometrics tied to those primordial energies
That replicated a moon-lit cosmic view of an atmosphere inspired by heaven’s wonders
Therefore, peel back sights belonging to dismay and sit with me for a while,
While Ave Maria sings songs, hymns, and poetry to the world and to her elevated god

Watch as these mechanics operating under the chaotic order of the universe
Bridge together subatomic uncertainties with these planetary anomalies
Thus, making reality remarkable as we reminisce so timelessly about future tidings
For lost within the echoes of Chronos we shall become as deity akin to eternal entities

Beings transcending beyond this moment and this fading hour that claims our passionate souls
Those sanctified in hieroglyphic citadels covered in cryptographic golden chromosomes

However, Take now this white robe and purify those old forsaken sins you no longer hold
So you may behold this tranquility which is calling us closer to a vivified emerald hue
That covers a soft and gentle meadow, as beautiful as the halo that has been crowned upon you

You…My Regina… My star fire which proliferates life among this void
One who sleeps in my heart very dearly
Manifesting a virtuous nebula relevant to the rippling tides pertaining to my joy, hence
A principio tailored towards our destino thee omega that is only found in a benevolent paradiso


From those dimensional phases fluctuating the densities dancing along the edges of black holes
Our story awaits through the ages to be foretold as atoms split and cells divide
Through the eons where mortals become more so divine, relinquish that foolish human pride
Intertwined we are you and I…quantified for lifetimes and there after… and after for lifetimes

(Some beautiful dreams are perpetual nightmares beloved and cherished by others, and sometimes I wander in these daunting phantasms looking for answers to why I lost what was so beautiful to me. Why I am so weak and how can I become more… and Love more… to elevate to a point to where I simply understand. You see the pain of love doesn’t bother me nor do these sleepless nights concern me; Although my torment resides only in the chambers of my own ignorance… So, let me daydream a little longer, my love, before I will move on…Before I let go…and before I wake up and accept this reality that you are not there for me anymore.)

~ Paradise’s Poet ~