A Beautiful Moment

I cannot hold a moment chronologically parallel 
To the shifting aeons that they spawn from
For an era of mishap rains in my recollection 
And a generation of distortion remains as prevalent 
Therefore I sit upon this hourglass 
While watching infinity be bent
Curving the edges of space 
Consequently leaving me in a trance 
As if I was looking at a thousand cherry blossoms in bloom
By virtue there is nothing more marvalous
Than the sight of a thousand flower petals falling simultaneously
Yet within my eyes
They are but frozen within an endless spectrum of my own self rightous misconception
That which is held perpetually unobtainable to the duration of ones own eternity
For a vision belonging to such things
Can last forever within the non stop continuum of our minds 
Sparking a season of change that acts as an intervention 
To said person’s destiny 
Beautiful is it not?
These seconds that we count 
These minutes that we accumulate 
Everlasting in an ongoing perceptional sense 

There is something
That is much more elegant and awe-inspiring 

This I know to be true
On the grounds that  
Men for ages have given up on the delusion 
That they so impulsively called Time 

Hence my fate
Vibrant in this moment like the scattering image that we call life 

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~