A Cerebral Thought

Be mindful to memories which provoke a tearful thought
Within the cerebellem scared because of dreams
And hold tight to the membrane lobotomized to forget a love lacking

For subconsciously do we linger in the past
Running towards the fading image that we painted as our future to last
Euphorically stimulating the electrical impulses to stem herein our brains
Quantum-ly entangled as mental madness sustained

Therefore, meta physics plays upon the virtual particles left enchanting…

Although, I sit in time waiting,
As the atomic atom filled to the brim with empty space hanging,
Pacing furthermore facing the science falling
Along side the protons that are just subatomic leaves loosely dancing

Adhere the creation laid parallel upon these universal cosmic gems
Splitting the jewel which confined a big bang nova that allowed nothing to be bent
Birthing a void of dark matter having man to make sense of nonsense

A known great separation forced violently onto all
Yet, through it all, thee and thy shall remain as one
Seeing as how before the genesis of infinity have we been forever thus,
Together still…Even if broken seals brings forth a biblical armageddon unto us

You and I will hold each other in a sea flooded with bliss
Mindful to an everlasting journey making love, God and our witness
Revered as the photonic flower seeded in chaos there to bloom light luminous

The only thought that may give gravity an idea of weightlessness

~ Paradise’s Poet ~