A Curse From The Gods

Funny are the gods.
As they sit upon their thrones, 
And plague my heart’s ambitions with such desires.
Clever are these immortals.
As they conspire with fate, 
And with an agreement has sent you.
To have me waiting;
Holding on to the hope that in dwells pandora’s box.
For you are the embodiment of Aphrodite’s beauty,
And Cursed I am. 
For my eyes will not stray away from the enigma that is your grace,
And even Hades himself; 
Would fall to his knees
With a sight of awe to your wonder. 
For within your eyes you hold the power of Zeus,
And your love is something Aries would kill for.
You are a star that rivals the glory of any goddess, 
And you are the sun that Apollo carries across the sky.
I ask
Why would they create such an entity;
A deity that is composed of so many godly miracles?
For Cruelty is what I scream.  
For a woman is the weakness of a man,
And a man like me can not resist his own nature.
Even more so, Gaia even gives you
The weight of her blessings.
So, that Hercules strength would even falter to you.
The Hera of mankind.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~