A Divine Gypsy Moon

Look at these unbroken tides that flood the ocean blue
And the gentle waves that sit upon the fading horizon
Watch as they ellipse at sight of your beauty
While reflecting the elegant curves of your tender lips

You see,
Onto the world you are untouched
For the seven seas have conveyed your will
And at a glance you are the moon itself; walking in human form

Yet, what lies within the crux of this lunar light
Is the essence of a soul marked gypsy
That could travel amidst the string of my poetic heart

Thus evermore forevermore
And furthermore that which is all to divine

Therefore any man foolish enough to look pass
The sacred sights of your angelic eyes
Should drown in the depths of their own misguided perception
While remaining as such until the end of time

However, I find it inconceivable for a person to be so daft

Nonetheless, I believe I have become senseless
To the glimpses of your thunder
Moreover awe-struck by the ways of your untamed nature

That which belongs to a ruthless flower
With a seductiveness that knows no mercy
And as I stare relentlessly at this eclipsing sunset
I now stand as a fatal victim of passion

So, along these shores do I walk; Together do I drift among this coast
In astonishment for the majestic deluge 
That has been captivated by the ripples that cast your image of wonder 

The beloved gift of heaven that awaits in my eyes as utopia…  

~ Paradise’s Poet ~