A Dreamer’s Intervention

She visited me in my dreams last night,
And in these alternate universes
Our spirits spun together. 
Momentarily locked within a whirlwind state of temptation.
For my mind did not wish to be pulled 
From this god given slumber,
But the thoughts of being with her 
In reality seemed more fulfilling.
The only issue with being awoke 
Is the fact that she wasn’t there, 
And my dreams of her was all that I had for now.
Funny how bittersweet this torment is  ,
Yet as much as I hate the after taste 
It seems to be the only remedy for my loneliness at this time.
So as I return to this divine intervention of my consciousness. 
May one day the realism of my existence 
Mimics the delusional outlook
That is heart’s desire.
– Eat from the tree of life and you will live forever, 
Yet if you eat from the tree of knowledge 
You will know death and the thoughts of him shall be eternal. –
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~