A Dying Flame

Pierce the heart of a dragon
And may the blood of this noble creature
Purify the celestial dream that we wander in
Because the truth that ripples in our lost reality
Burns like the wings of a dying phoenix  
So that we may continue to lie to ourselves
For endings and beginnings
Are two of the same coin
One that is dressed with the face of god
As well as the same that harbors the image of that which is evil
For this reason
To whom knows better to be reborn from the flame
But the beast that is buried within its ashes
Perhaps it maybe him that breaths fire into this world
Whose sacred vitality may indeed restore and renew our prayers
Therefore beneath his skin lies our salvation
Within his veins is the wisdom of endless ancient kings
Thus a holy sacrifice that should not be needed
But that would be only if
Man would awaken himself to an everlasting emptiness
~ Take of this fruit, and a dragon shall appear.
Survive the dragon’s wrath, and all of fear will disappear.~

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~