A Fifth Dimensional Curve

A fifth dimensional curve bends the black keys
Playing a symphony moonlighting the beauty of Vienna
Creating a sound that illuminates a nostalgic fragile essence
Thus of my tears a musical elegance to convert light

While orchestrating these perceptional day dreams
Viewing the ingeniousness…once held as madness to the common man, my will

And in my own thoughts I sit as a fool, a jester
Justifying my own insane reason to remember what made love so sane
As at the end of any love
The only chords known are that of a requiem

Thine-ing thin strings a lackluster melody
Composed so dark
It was as if Hades himself was whispering your own demise
Viva Voce (with a living voice) so…sinister and cold

Mocking a divinity that was always revered as everlasting
Using me as an instrument amidst this perpetual score
Having my life…a fading composition to do battle against heavenly holy hymns

Yet, there among the impending, looming, deafening drums `
Between the angelic voices hailing from those sopranos
Tender memories becomes the bases of my reality – A concert of emotion
Leading up to the climax of it all…that which cripples my passion to feel affection again
The simple subtle words of…

…I miss her…
…With every tormented fiber of my foolish heart.

~ Paradise’s Poet ~