A Fool For The Stars

Most things in this world are illusions.
Only there to blind us from the dream that is at hand.
Threw most of my life I was able to look pass these false images,
And always hold a sense of peace of what was true.
Then I met you. 
A star that blinded my eyes with a florescent shine.
Bold and bright for all the world to see.
You illuminated my universe,
And echoed your light in all the dark spots that shrouded my heart.
At that moment I was lost in a dream.
Caring not if it was true, 
For I loved and what could be more pure 
In time I smiled but, you dimmed.
And left me in darkness once again. 
A fool to these illusions I was. 
A fool for your beauty I remained in the end.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~