A Fool Til The End – The Night Sky Pt.7

The stars fell so I can release myself
From the grips of heaven’s beauty
Yet while gravitating towards this unbearable earth
One heavenly body pierced the core this fragile sphere
And embedded itself within the heart of this cosmos
Proclaiming itself as the crux of my world
And to me it was the holy wrath of God
For a flower bloomed out of this chaos
Therefore in my mind’s eye, was this a symbol of sacred blessings
Insightful I was as I plucked this vine
But a fool I stood as I looked up
To find an angelic woman before me
She knew that I was enchanted by her
Thus she adored me for admiring her
Although she asked me not to fall in love with her
I had to asked myself
How could I not be devoted to her?
The shifting sands of time passed
Though the divinity that pour for her essence did not dissipate
She was like a curse that I could not look away from
So, one night I gave her the name Star
She took the name and left me in the darkness of the night sky
Agonizing with this sense of lost
I promised to become my own light
And never again would I be a fool for the stars
And never again would I be blinded by heaven’s beauty
But even as,
This promise maybe always upheld
She… this curse…This divine woman of chaos,
Will always be my beloved esoteric light

Yet she will always remain in the darkness of my angelic night sky
~ Paradise’s Poet ~