A Glimpse At Something Beautiful

Imagine if you will a somewhat subtle ripple in time, a fatal glimpse at something beautiful
A wonderment that could bring envy to those blooming flowers, and to that benevolent sky
Take for a second a moment to envision a division from what we labeled as the norm
To view a beloved sight of a radiant woman that sparks the inspiration within a man’s soul

Somewhere lost in that isolated drifting twilight zone I dared to be so bold

As I versified the image of a pearl like perceptional daydream
Which, pertains to one that personifies my thoughts of celestial beings
…Angels is what I mean…An angel that for a moment alleviated my foolish iniquities, and Who am I to deny what seems so divine…this second a certain breathe left fading into time

Therefore, I ask why are creatures of your caliber created by the hands of whatever god?
As it feels all to unfair to a dreamer
Who dreams only to reclaim these untamed muses cascading from this vital life of mine

An example, seeing what is beauty masking that structure belong to your enchanting face
Infused with an aura which outlines your unperishable essence and your perpetual grace…

Perhaps, I linger in this state of admiration to long
But, in this continuum where gravity became virtually a weightless commodity
It was none but you who grounded my eyes from the heavens above

…Maybe, it will be your smile that is to be forever a charm immortalized within my mind…

Slowly…claiming fully my cerebral conscious time
An impression far more gentle than a lover’s kiss or a delicate lullaby
Thus, if ever the world believed it was not of significance, and the stars fell from the sky
Underneath the sun would bloom a flower unto all flowers…a goddess in her prime.

~ Paradise’s Poet ~


Image source: http://magicaura.com/f/uploads/Vicente-Romero-3(1).jpg