A Gypsy Swan

6 thoughts on “A Gypsy Swan

  1. I once wrote poems that felt like this. It is brim full with youth. It is overlaid with lavish love of literature. It is fulsome, indulgent, and growing as a place in your poetic output. It is not a bad poem; rather, it is a stepping stone to better poems. Poems need that passion but they also need restraint. Best poems cannot have a single word removed without losing their passion and their meaning.

    I congratulate you for putting your heart up on your blog. Because your heart is pure, your love of poetry is pure and your growth to being a fine poet is well on its way. Put this aside. Start again. Boil your words, condense your thoughts and write more…always write more. You are a poet on a journey. It is a stunning journey. Many of us know that and we encourage you!

  2. Truly breathtaking how much passion in words cleverly put together , they always seem to reach me.
    Thank you for this.

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