A Gypsy Swan

Dare I say that it has been some time since these fragmented dreams
Had all but shifted themselves into this broken reality, where sentiments of perfection became true
And, of the moonlight a soul I sought to find, was found tainted, by that which was to be called beautiful
Thus, with la luna in view, a dreariness echoing itself within my heart holds now, a bit loose…

Although, my dearest muse, I think dearly thoughts pertaining to a swan so immaculate under a cosmic moon
Therefore, attune… I ask that you reign as my Isabella, proclaimed as la bella so forth a queen within my eyes
As I profess to the tides of time, a telling of our tale to an omnipotent divinity beloved in the sky
For such art you unto I…divine…thereby through these tales told by the tides of this omnipotent time

Ergo, Dance within my mind, as you do under a silver sighted satellite, my Spanish swan
Allowing I to become mesmerized, more so, compelled to these movements flooding from your essence…Effervescently
See only drowning is the sea that shines with an open gleam, mimicking a star’s radiance upon your lovely face
You, the luster to my lust it would seem, oh a persuasive theme, to be seduced by the fire burning inside a gorgeous soul

And I…I have become a watchful fiend to…Una luz en mis horas de soledad (A light in my hour of solitude)

Nevertheless, one could find themselves worrying less about an eclipsing tomorrow
With say a benevolent creature much like you by their side
There making life more vivified, thee crux of my pride drifting amidst an intoxicating liquefied passion
Imagine an everlasting attraction swimming, elegantly thereof a purified compassion

Properly fantastic, a wandering gypsy dressed therein of gold, whom I by ideally long lately to caress
To established bliss among my crucified emotions and silent ego…henceforth
Ferdnando, what dreams we dream, that being so… sound the inquisition, mi amigo
For, I believe that glory is not only definitive onto God, as such celeste also sit benign in her touch

The swan dancing beneath the moonlight, My Isabella, La bella, a queen personified throughout time

~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~



  1. I once wrote poems that felt like this. It is brim full with youth. It is overlaid with lavish love of literature. It is fulsome, indulgent, and growing as a place in your poetic output. It is not a bad poem; rather, it is a stepping stone to better poems. Poems need that passion but they also need restraint. Best poems cannot have a single word removed without losing their passion and their meaning.

    I congratulate you for putting your heart up on your blog. Because your heart is pure, your love of poetry is pure and your growth to being a fine poet is well on its way. Put this aside. Start again. Boil your words, condense your thoughts and write more…always write more. You are a poet on a journey. It is a stunning journey. Many of us know that and we encourage you!

  2. Sylvia Negrete

    Truly breathtaking how much passion in words cleverly put together , they always seem to reach me.
    Thank you for this.

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