A Hymn Of The Heart

Angelic angels that attains to Prophecies
Proliferate possibilities of profound algorithms  
While holy hymns that harmonizes 
The soul of soulless creatures such as man
Heals the shameful spirit that once belonged to god
Scared sanctity that sanctifies the heart 
Takes rest in the sanctuary of serenity 
Which is the body of the created
And also the temple of the creator
Celestial signs marks the beginning of a new age
As well as the ending of an era 
For endless eons we have looked to stratosphere
So that we may understand what has been failed to be understood
But to no avail have we come closer to the answers
That we intellects so spiritually yearn for 
Angelic is the scared celestial angels
That holds the sanctity of these signs
For the prophecies of one’s heart
Is the coming of a new age 
And may we understand what is to be understood. 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~