A Joke

I sit with a legion of demons in my mind
That only know how to embody what they may think is my every desire
But they trend with the ideas of a man that has yet to lose his sanity
However to their unholy dismay I have no sense of such uselessness
For I have already peered passed the tainted horrifying veils of my reality
And the broken shards of my blissful dreams
So these fiends of fear
Have become a source of entertainment
To this tragic comedy that I like so many others have come to call life
Allowing me to awake every morning with a smile
Belonging to the mysteries of their dark humors
I applaud their sinister ways, and their clever confound witty tricks
That they ingest my mind with
Although as I said before it is all jesting and they are clowns
Looking for attention though all I have is a cheap laugh
Because my soul lies corrupted in a baron waste land that is overlooked by crows
Nevertheless my eye remains open
To the greatest personified joke that they have shown me
That being humans failed to save themselves from such amusement
And that we have mimicked their actions into our own world

It’s a sad joke, but it keeps me smiling
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~