A Latin Expression

It’s a compelling cold embrace guided by hallowed hollow graves
An inescapable profound responsibility fragmented as an inadequate relic;
That is meant to be forgotten
So, steady is the sedative sedating these ongoing lucid moments, which we speak softly of,
Yet, hang from the gallows for, and with our dead language pray only about

In turn we suffer within our own self infecting agony
Thus, we share the same tormenting outlook of demons for a time
While, reaching ever so dearly for grim’s angelic hand throughout these dim nocturnal days
Shape shifting in a sense, hoping that some form may allow us to become god’s holy martyrs

But, it would seem,
That alone shall stand a self-entitled arrogance and thy own beloved ignorance

A pity I would say as some echo in the lost shambles waking among those paranormal eclipses
Although, this all lies in favor to those manners
That are portrayed by that which is supernatural
Still, I must convey that what is not unnatural is this ideal known simply as memento mori

For, even if one could grab lighting from the heavens to resurrect a corpse;
Time lingers perpetually upon death’s non-derivative side…

Are we really not but clay sculpted by generations of evolution I wonder
If so mankind’s greatest fear should be the chilling whispers belong to extinction
Perhaps, this is why we cling to the concepts pertaining to those everlasting beings
…or a forever living…all
As they…these thoughts gives off some sort of hope, that one day we could be as such

Truthfully, I find that notion to be a bit self-centered and cowardly
Nevertheless, I am of that hopeful lot,
Because, even if my body may perish I don’t wish for my consciousness to be so fleeting

Memento mori
A latin expression… for all life… merely meaning… “Remember that you have to die.”

~ Paradise’s Poet ~