A Melody Of Madness

There it goes again 
The sounds of a symphony 
That drags a man to the middle of the ballroom floor
Elevating his soul 
High among the chandeliers
So, that his spirit can be closer to heaven 
Can you really not hear it 
The melody of kings 
And the holy vibrations of royal strings 
Am I really the only one mad enough to articulate 
Such an elegant transcending tone 
One that rings a concept of brilliancy  
While chiming valorous vows of virtuous victories
You see 
The psalm are in the air 
And the pastel hymns paint vivified images   
Of ones daring date with destine 
Surely this resonance is not only tuned to my ears
Surely these notes do not fall silent among my peers 
For if they do
Then I’m afraid I have gone a bit insane 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~