A Misinterpreted Bliss

It’s all seems a bit artificial the radiant sunrise…that silver illuminating nightly moonlight
It’s all a bit surreal, as if I or rather we sat only as observers of a fantastic ambiguity
A reoccurring misinterpreted bliss if you will… A delusion that we have simply accepted as life
A notion bound to infinity that can wither and die, still, petrified am I to the ideas of an endless time

However, within my mind’s eye, that is twitching as it stares deeply in to a black nebula
Of black holes spawning black thoughts I found myself frequently blacking out
Yet, as I awoke from these unwanted states of insensibility the universe appeared more so vividly
The ever-lingering moon became a sun and that heliocentric morning star a prolific omnipotent god

Was this enlightenment I wondered…I wanted to believe
Unfortunately, I could not or would not say that it was, for this inescapable reason
That sub-atomically I knew that I had merely become more entranced to thee illusion
A hologram crafted by an unknown conscious nothingness seeking to liberate itself from its own loneliness

Thus, I asked can a being such as this, be a victim to a so called human condition
Perhaps our emotions, are just a reflection of divinity’s own…instilled within us and within all
Like that pertaining to spirit or the essence of a soul; sacred chakras and a person’s changing aura
It’s a bit further than what the human senses can touch, but you can feel it, therefore in a sense it’s all real

At the very least that is what I would like to believe
Comparable to something akin to that of providence, fate or maybe destiny
Hyper active as well as hyper intelligent stemming from a hyperbolic time chamber fused of ideology…
I know my rhetoric can come off matching a hyperbole, but how else would you describe a mindful infinity

Holy? … regardless

Seven stars burn intensely as esoteric intuition elevates this kinetic dimensional energy
Dynamically stimulating telepathy, channeling an unbroken clairvoyance thereby,
Utter unto the cosmos your peace, while giving unto the world your empathy, be sensitive to synergy
Breathe profoundly, as actuality drifts a bit towards a vision slightly more sublime and metaphysical

Thus, and then you will surely hear… moreover you will solely see… that which could only be depicted as poetry
A subconscious gift always there as seven stars align effortlessly, accordingly
Physical or certain thy existence stands to be perceived nevertheless, it may all be a synthetic dream…
Henceforth, we bare this word sacredly…To what is the beauty of this “reality”

Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet