A Name Unspoken

What has become of me 
Do I dare stare at the un-wanting sky 
That which lingers in a field of solitude
That shines of false promises
Who am I to question the consciousness the breeds from nothing
One that is unparalleled to self
And only mirrored by the naive thoughts of a child
Truly it’s an unspoken hill with no name

That floats in the atmosphere 
Where the earth and the moon may touch in the arms of the cosmos
While fading under the light that belongs to the sun 
I ask
Can one pull me from my curse 
Moreover save me from the abyss that is of my own image
The sight of a beast with a heart that is chained
To the unbroken walls that are bound to hell
Those that art held up by the sins of a loose, and frantic aging mind 
Alone blessed with the grace of heaven to forever see fire
And bleed tears that are dyed with the color crimson 
For nothing but the weight of my own emptiness 
Together with the darkness of the world
That is confound by the name of a beloved God that has yet to be aesthetically known.
Everlasting it would seem 
This yearning that would never seem to be fulfilled
Therefore, with this notion I believe that it’s a mistake
That I might ever strive to want
As I stand unwavering in this sense of a holy perpetual awe 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~