A Night Owl’s Kiss

6 thoughts on “A Night Owl’s Kiss

  1. Excellent write, interesting use of words and phrasing.
    Therefore upon the wake of this earth
    And through the sudden pauses that mar the delicate universe
    I await peacefully for the reaper to share a dance with me…
    It reminds me of how my swordmaster once said to me: accept your death as a given. You will be freed from fear and death and be freed to complete the dance as it should be completed. You will never feel more alive….
    I do like this very much. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  2. You are a good poet Tony. I just wish you could pass through and read something of other poets.. I think your poetry would be read a little more that way.

  3. The last waltz with “lady death” is bound it be…to set release to the soul with the ritual of lifting the spirit from the body…when all the worldly pleasures, dreams, desires for and with wine, woman and song will fade and have no meaning…except true love…seems to be the gist of your lines dear Tony Yang Sir.

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