A Reckless Heart

A scripted fantasy 

Seems to lie within the pages of life.
Only there to Harbor written words of passion 
And of lovers ambitions. 
Such hymns 
Trample any thoughts of fear.
Breeding hope within the hopeless
While bestowing valor within them all.
But where we not all daring as children?
Giving our affection to those we dare to open ourselves to.
Regardless of what was to come next. 
We dived into our emotions.
So recklessly, yet so free
Sadly, we endure heartache and abandonment.
So then we close ourselves off to the world,
And hide from our own sense of freedom.
For we are sensitive creatures, 
And some of us lack the will to endure such pain. 
Although I know of those that
Enjoy their liberty, and don’t mind such pain.
For careless it may seem,
But a melody of peace they will forever hear.
Speak what’s on your heart 
It is better to endure, rather than to regret
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~