A Restless Remembrance

Beyond the scope of my adolescent dreams
To the stars my eyes may wonder and of the stars
A gift that can transcend the elegance of the universe
Where are we in time?
Who are we in this lonesome space?
Tell me as the embers proceeding from a summer’s flame fade
In the journey to touch the deluded night sky
For along the echoing whispers of the wind
A fool’s wish screams towards an unknown misfortunate paradise
This all in an era belonging to the innocent
Was a future that instilled vivified hopes containing blissful daydreams
Although a crimson moon foresaw another twisted tale; therefore tears fall upon this story

Yet back to the stars that sat as encrusted diamonds
Which painted a purified hue across the cosmos
One fell with its grace still intact
Together overly imbued with the glory of God
By virtue something as sacred was as beautiful as heaven itself
Compelling…an understatement for this entity
Enchanting… very much so
For the poor man that looked upon this plated gold nova
Who art thou? To wonder he did
There among the angels laid this star
From the edges of time did this heavenly body travel
As to manifest itself as the gem that would sit in the fellow’s heart
Of flowers did she the jewel of his affection, become the prettiest
Like a lily in a bed of roses she was a lovely thorn in his eyes
Though the winters came, causing the embers to burn away
Infatuation grew between the two so the two became intertwined
Through time as soulmates unbound
Holding love that cursed veil of love
As a vision to bloom within their sighted fantasies
To see the unbroken shards of eternity last beyond a well-known infinity
Oh what a beloved image they dared to have

However shadows stood in the moon lit night
For the light of said nova lily became tattered and dimmed as she departed from his life
The sun’s shine may have consumed the land but the man only knew darkness
A mindful soul lost to agony
Void of lovers emotions a fool to stare into one’s own empty thoughts
Where is my star? He vaguely asked
Whereas love was hard to understand
Thus the pain that took seed from a person’s devotion
Lived as something even harder to comprehend…
To waste ones vitality over such a trivial unanswered question held vanity in his eyes
Although to wonder why he let a holy pearl disappear was to gaze upon his own weakness

The raindrops mimicked the cold creature’s cries
And in an isolated mind a storm of perceptional wonder surrounded a fiend
Who placed himself within a prison to bind himself upon an eradicating land
By reason that fate seemed only to care for tragic things…What a sin
Having those two worlds align with an essence embodied by an aspect of charisma
Only to have the stratosphere covered in scars…such torment
Left as a daunting promise lost to a restless remembrance

~ Paradise’s Poet ~