A Rose Without Petals

This sound I hear is one of loneliness
It is also the sight I see in your eyes
As it is the same sight that I see in my own
We hid it with the smiles that we bear
In turn away from it
While pretending to be preoccupied
So we do not have to deal such an emotion
Maybe it’s there because we were abandoned
Or the ones that had we held so close
Have joined those that are no long living
And are fading with these bittersweet departing memories
That we are beginning to loosely hold
But, this is not what makes us lonesome
That imprisonment belongs to our foolish incapability to accept change
For we sit in moments gazing at our past
Remembering what was once so sublime
You see change
Is a matter of time that will always remain that which is inevitable
Yet, love is eternal
Even if it is lost to some
It lingers, so it can be found again

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~
A rose without petals is just a dying flower that is bound to bloom again.