A Silent Symphony

Have you seen it
The falsehood of your salvation
And the requiem that strings along the sound of your dear dear sanity
An instrument that was played by the hands of demons
And well composed by the devil himself

Take to the stars that fall only in the night
A truth belonging to the illusion once cultivated in a lie
Scared by an unholy holy marked in full to fool the eyes of man

What a cataclysm
A perpetual holocaust that burns the soul of the sinner
Like a lake of fire biblical instilled upon the spirited of man
So that their minds may never be free to understand the knowledge
That which was planted within the seeds of a well known forbidden fruit

A punishment some have called it
But perhaps this is why mankind fails to see the sacrilege of their own discord
And a symphony screaming with sorrows is all a sympathetic god must hear
For what else would ring from the hearts of such man

Tragically we are flawed
Creatures that are designed to fold unwisely at our own cosmic purpose
To rage against that Oh so familiar dying light
As fate, that inevitable returning deity drags us into the everlasting impending void

The questions that I pose are these
Are we aware of the nothing that may become of us
Or of that emptiness that makes up all things on a quantum level

A thought I believe only dying angels should ever wonder… or dying gods

Yet could it be that our consciousness that we carry with vanity
Be the only substance that holds any actual weight
So that we may bend that nothingness that even our gods could come to fear

And do we dare to drift into that sacred silent unknown…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~