A Vague Encore

Encore for the whimsical ranting thoughts
Hysterically vindicating the gallows
As red ink spills across the envious emerald eyes
Fooled to shut in fear – at the sounds belonging to an almighty scream

A relentless scream that hails its own encore
Reanimating pain and the paths in which lay throughout the universe
Known as cosmic dreaming – tip toeing in my dreams

Laced with the thorns clipped from a rose’s stems
Together held parallel to the bittersweet images
Swimming along the fading memories colliding my lost beloved with a cluster of stars

…Heavenly it seems

Yet, these nocturnal visions make no sense I’m afraid
They speak to me though it’s abstract and of their own language
…A pulsing whisper…very lovely, but all to faint and vague to comprehend at times

Much like a lifetime compared to an eternity
Or a single note embedded within a symphony revered as a masterpiece
A star among many I suppose, but none far too radiant enough to match her face

…Forgive me,
Where is the correlation, perhaps my mind is scattered?
Subconsciously riddled with flashbacks and tender moments that I have tried to forget

Therefore, in my dreams beside those relentless thoughts
An encore plays… a masterpiece of my lifetime whispering abstract visions
So, heavenly that my lost beloved image may remain that of a thorn less rose

…And with such a rose…How could I ever forget….

~ Paradise’s Poet ~