The gothic pseudoscience of propaganda revels in incoherent fixation pertaining verbiage
However, verbatim lies as a stasis stimulating statistics
Allowing the truth to remain while personifying a static state of legitimacy
And, within that certainty, one can build principles that of virtuous morals, which can be shared between his or her fellowman

But, truth is perspective therefore, a person’s perception may come to vary in a different shape or form from another

Picture a concept where the complex tones of light that we so rightfully call color
Never dispersed from the prisms bond to our irises,
And even though we could still see, we could never perceive those hidden pigmented hues
The achromatic world would only bloom in shades of a shifting grey, likewise would this fundamental notion sit as such

…Can you envision such a lack lustered view…

Yet, what if an individual sighted a tint of scarlet red or even that belonging to a sapphire blue
Imagine if such a person spoke to their society regarding a chroma, caressing confidently a brilliant cannery yellow
How might the world find a soul which speaks about roses blooming in a field glowing of an envious emerald green
So surely in their eyes that creature is to be one who upholds a sane aspect unobscene
Between the misunderstood sheen concerning each other’s enlightenment, religion, or personal belief

Because perchance…I mean perhaps, society as well as the individual would walk a path stoned heavily with empathy
As we dare to dream heavenly of dimensional things, astrophysics, and quantum happenings
Bypassing bigotry, thus forgetting violence, as we all linger in silence simply to applicate that some ideals are painted violet

A notion so color coded in wishful thinking…for why should one care of another reality, if it threatens a person’s own rationality
Therein lies one of life’s greatest calamity’s breaking normality
The spark igniting every edging tragedy tied to a known cataclysm, henceforth I ask who dares to embodies pacifism
To find savvy to why some, often see the world as grey as others are blinded by rich and vivified tainted hues

…Instead of condemning those of distant views…

Subjectively, every element to consider is relative and quantifiable, no man’s truth out weights another
To be honest, we are all lost in this fantastic phantasm labeled as an existence
And though some tend to thrive in societal situations, only faith is our answer when we strive to reach beyond
Nonetheless, I see this realm in a class of colors which are extraordinary
But, parallel to elevated prospects it can all be rather grey, thereby I am conflicted towards what is to be considered beautiful
Staring incoherently at the propaganda exhilarated by these ongoing questions that I have for life

~ Paradise’s Poet ~