Albina & The Birds Of Paradise – Part: 2

Within the blight of this inexplicable darkness of mine lies a spark that exhilarates every cell
Vicariously vindicating those beloved memories I have for and of you
And, although our time together seems very disproportionate the moments we share
Only compare to that of a volvre, as we tend to dance so elegantly upon a silver sighted moon

One covered ever so delicately by the white sands
Belonging to the stardust that rains from the heavens, and from your perfect dovelike essence
Which, is something all too vigilant,
Flying absolutely eloquently with subtle sublime virtues illuminating your avian eyes

Those that move emotionally that same enchanting, vivified moon
Allowing the ebb tides attributed to the sky to flood this heart that I attempt to deny
The core crux embedded onto my soul seemingly only there to bleed for you
A swan blessed and embodied by the stars themselves that leads me believe you were Icarus’s final view

…Thus, hopeful mines too, if fate was ever to be so kind…A tale this time

Picture a white raven migrating optimally within this illogical mind seeking always Albina the divine
Imagine his talons gripping tightly a magical locket brimming with her laughter and her smile
Preventing his tears as nevermore, never utters from the profound beak of his profane lips
When he eclipses the moon merely to admire her and the valor of her wonderment

You see…

Nightingales still sing those sacred lullabies, along with this I still stand as an old crow
Foolish to what may be regarded as perilous, but perhaps I do not care
Forevermore is what I remember quoting, Forevermore was my liberating vow unto you
A promise that shall know not its own fatality, a promise made to the stars and to a canary such as you

Look beyond that horizon; pass those gentle nimbus clouds, paradise sits abundant…paradise sits anew

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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