Albina & The Birds Of Paradise

Somewhere within my cerebral cortex
Lies a lobotomized lullaby that lingers like a foul, frantic phantom
Echoing more as gentle fowls parade the open ended sky

Listen carefully… its beautifully tormenting

Having nightingales sing memories of this known belle
Who I might add, absent of effort, caused my cerebellum to malfunction
For in a moment I fell, and nevermore it felt, that I was to fly without her

Yet the story goes, those ravens tend to know, more than this old broken crow

As in a time we glided as two doves intertwined
A picture in some eyes eternally benign, thus divine
The heliocentric couple crippled by a gap in time
Although, we had hope and a love that still makes me sigh

Reminiscent… is the lamented cardinal coded passion….

Therefore, if ever such a thing was restored
It would breathe joy onto paradise, as well as to the heavens above
Seeing as how she that gives happiness is your name, and the fault was surely mine to claim

So, Swallows feather the sparrow swift as it makes a winged descent…
The avian aerial flock majestic together aesthetic in the art of soaring beyond that horizon
Graceful you all shamelessly seem… just like her…Elegant, just like my Albina shall forever be

~ Paradise’s Poet ~