Albina & The Birds Of Paradise

15 thoughts on “Albina & The Birds Of Paradise

  1. Enchanting love lines you have here dear Tony Yang Sir, echoing in the language of the birds with the charm of fables…such is the love for the total perfect goddess, a complete and an absolute magnetic albina, nice, sweet, caring, sexy and loving!

  2. Excellent use of alliteration in ‘Lies a lobotomized lullaby that lingers like a foul, frantic phantom’ creates a balanced line of soft lullaby and almost spitting phantom. It drew me in immediately., My favourite lines are:
    ‘As in a time we glided as two doves intertwined
    A picture in some eyes eternally benign, thus divine
    The heliocentric couple crippled by a gap in time
    Although, we had hope and a love that still makes me sigh’


  3. SMiLes.. i suppose
    i aM eXtra blesSEd
    to be married to the
    most beaUtiFuL 46
    year-old woman/girl
    iN the WORlD but i
    hope i would stiLL
    find that divine
    feminine bird
    oF Love’s
    if sHe ever
    flies away.. my friend..
    aT some point wE aLL
    sleep alone and or even
    toGeTheR aLLoneNow..:)

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