Along The Horizon

You are the spring that never dies
The petals that grip so tightly to the core of a blooming flower
You are the day break that shines along the horizon
As well as the white ethereal moon that illuminates the lonely night sky

A gentle breeze carries the whispers that tells of your angelic smile
Under the seven stars marked as angel
Those who in time and of time grow envious of your shine

One of an essence so pure that it can cripple the heart of a god
And together bring serenity to a forgotten devil’s mind
Whereas you are the blessing that bestows benevolence onto the world
Therefore in your eyes lies a soul remarkably divine

So much so
That a fool like me cannot escape the thoughts of untainted pearls;
When it comes to the thoughts of you,
Thus I am drawn to you as if you were a holy sacred flame

But I know better…

For you are the elegant jewel elaborately placed within the gates of heaven
So all those that find their way to paradise first vision may be that of perfection

Convoluted I have become
Because I have always been a man
That has been very careful to remain he that is carefree
Furthermore since I drown in this virtue
The clouds have been the only sight on earth ever worth admiring…
Yet, now that I have seen you these drifting clouds simply will not do

…Beauty my dear is a face unknown, although what is known is how beautiful you are.

~ Paradise Poet ~