Amber Gold

Seven seals set to solidify the hieroglyphs of an ancient world
And of an ancient story laced with vital priceless pearls
Liquefied to rain creating lively ripples within a lightly dense dead sea
Sun-lit thereby of an amber gold are the memories of you forgetting me

Therein the floating mosaic waters reflecting my troubled sin
Your smile became an echoing reminder of doom and despair within

Do I wait here cultivating my woes knowing that I reached for heaven
Yet, my only gain was that, which is best described as an aerial descent
Mystic…together tragically tangled with whispers wishing for the passion tied to mars,
Although those words could not even touch the satellites eclipsing the stars

Forgive me my starlet, I should have been a better man…

Therefore quietly, do I walk with an eerie ambition
Also foolishly do I look up when the sky is cloudy
To embrace the thunder that is carrying cries perpetuating flashbacks
Calling upon my fading will to continue while trailing tears among this abyss

Such a twist from when I was a boy holding lighting in my teeth
Sparking fiction birthing friction throughout time…
Careless was my adolescence
Hopeless in the eyes of some, but never did I lose such a bold essence

It’s just sometimes all I can see…All I can understand …
Are these thoughts tattooing what was meant to be
A divine hieroglyphic decree…

… Setting seals to my insanity…Still I will not yield to this destiny
Shoot again for the stars for anything less than heaven is vanity
…As angels are known to sit abundantly

~ Paradise’s Poet ~