My dearest friend, it has been some time since I stood at your door
I left you alone again and for this I apologize so very sincerely
But there are things that I wish to tell you, tales of wonders I have seen
Like angels as well as higher dimensional daydreams, gods and what some would call atomic beauty

My friend do you know what love is,My it is a wonderful thing
As gravity becomes a un-hilted commodity once you give into those tender possibilities
Where joy becomes your life making affection much more than dopamine
I mean, have you ever kissed an angel at midnight when the moonlight illuminated your dreams

Such an event can be quite compelling, hence a bit transcending

However, I must inform you about other details pertain to my absence
Like when I saw time as a stagnate transparency, akin to a hollow spatial plane… evidently
Bending all to gracefully to our subatomic wills, moving ever so slightly… quantum-ly
Being pulled timely by virtual particles which are simply popping… yes “popping” in and out of this reality


The madness that we share infinitely
As infinity is not a number, but notion of a number that cannot be reached therefore, it equates to zero
For it is nothing but an idea, nonetheless an idea identical to the answer that formulates light which,
Is ninety nine percent of our conscious biology and ninety nine percent of this captivating cosmos

So surely the universe can have a consciousness too…thus I ask would I call that consciousness God
And the planets and stars particles that grab time that condemns us to this space
That illuminates a place where the eyes belong to an angel become that of moonlight

My Amentia
I hope I have not left you alone for too long… come with me and I will show you
As there is more to see…Amentia…listen, in this life it is not just you and me
I promise not leave your side anymore, for you are my dearest friend until the end to whom I adore.

~ Paradise’s Poet ~