Amor Fati ( Love of one’s fate )

Never has the muse of destiny fell so heavily upon my reality
To see the ripples of an awaited time echo in divinity
Is nothing short of a miracle
So, Steadfast is this anointed fate  
That I long for and humbly abide to
For what lies in the right moment
Is only a sight seen by the gods
While this holy jewel remains as a prophecy to the angels
Works such as these cannot be forced
Therefore one must hold to the virtue of patience by their side
Likewise must those that are destine 
Be willing to accept their majestic roles in this life
As is I bear no reason to make haste
When I look into your eyes
Because I know too well the face of a morning star
One that shines with its own benevolent purpose
Untied to the will of the cosmos
In that, you hold a sense of freedom unknown to the likes of mortal men
More so to the point I adore you for this reason
Thus let the sky be bestowed with the seals of heaven
And may lighting strike my heart
For only the mighty wrath of the king of kings may strip away
My predetermined affection for thee
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~