As Mad As A Hatter

Metaphorically poetical potent
Are the visuals that danced within vivid colors
While flying in the arms of bluebirds and red robins
Too many moonless nights breathe in the shadows of my life
And only a road of yellow bricks
Can misguide me to heaven
For white rabbits lie in the iris of one of my eyes
While black bunnies swim in the other
Where am I not going with this
Have I truly become so mad and deluded
To these luminous lucid dreams of reality
That I can not become imprison by my own spatial reasoning 
For time is a gem that does not exist
But one that can be created from nothing
Or am I the one from nothing
That understands infinity as a gem of existing time
For far too long have I not waited
As I am so found
By the rising thoughts of my fallen lost mind
One that
That has been living in a field of purple grass
Only so it climb into a sea of green

That hangs in the sky
Addicted I am  
To the toxic riddles of posion that I drink daily
For without tea time, there is no time for tea.
 ~ Tony Paradise Poet ~
Only have a cup if you don’t mind.