At The Edges Of Paradise

All I know is that at the edges of paradise
Stand those that wish to fall,
For they are to prideful to turn away
From there own damnation. 
They rather embrace the joy of their insanity 
Than to endure the scar of their hearts.
Who are these wondering soul
That lack the understanding of heaven,
And the act of repentance. 
Don’t they know that all has already been forgiven. 
Yet, I would guess
 They have only failed to forgive themselves.
Or maybe
They comprehend regret 
Far more than I do,
And a leap of faith 
Maybe the only thing that can save there souls.
Who knows 
Maybe we that blind ourselves to the light of God 
Stand in the lowest level of hell.
Holding ourselves ignorant  to the torment that is around us.
Maybe those that wish to fall
Are angels.
That are destine fall into the grace of God.
I wonder
Why do I look to those with their backs to this mesmerizing light,
And why do I feel a need to stand beside them.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~