It’s all so simple you know
This life that we live
The illusions that we see
It’s all so innocent and misunderstood
Even if one is young with age
When an old soul sees the truth
He loses all fear of death
And a melody that sounds so keen to a lullaby
Plays faithfully within his soul
For the purity of this world is so subtle
That at times it is often missed
By the busy bodies that cannot even give a second
To admire the clouds or the gentle embrace of the wind
Yet so like nature itself
Do we change
Do we continue to move
Vastly beyond our own time
Therefore with a great sigh
Do I walk in awe to the mysteries of this cosmos
Astonished at the details of such a creation
Rather it be from the falling ice crystals during the winter season
Or the rays of a luminous light that shines in the summer
I am forever bound to this earth
Yet I am also forever free from it
And it’s a harmonious feeling that I wish
All could understand
Thus within my spirit without my body still I hold serenity
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~