Aurora Borealis

There sovereign in our ways we stood noble and true
Contesting those demonic forces with the dawn
And one by one the fiends proved to be fools
Still, facing my surprise I was struck down by a spear;

Thus, I fell from grace…A blemish upon God’s face the holy angelic tear

How majestic approaching this earth I might have seemed
As a comet of great awe, a casualty during Tyreal’s Great War
When the archangels found so swiftly that they could still bleed
I drowned into man’s unsanctified blue sky losing my creed

Dematerialized from the hallowed guardian I once was
My now physical body became that of a king’s sword
One trapped in stone for ages 
yet, beloved by all

And cared for by a lady bound to an eerie lake’s shores

Although, the core of my spirit became tainted
As I was used to massacre those that I was sworn to protect
Whereas in heaven from which I departed 
all life under and above is sacred,
Therefore, those akin to the light do not kill we simply subdue

But, take me now the holy weapon of mortal kingdoms
That bestow unto all a reason to hope with vanity
For, as I butcher souls to aid the cause of another
My sacrilege shall soon open the stern gates of Valhalla

Thus, Ragnarok will become a storm upon these poor vital creatures
Much more than I ever was… Much more than I for sure
I the shape shifting key to the doors of man’s Armageddon
And of these individuals that I shall curse…shall all sorely proclaimed
That which they echoed with joy in their tales…Excalibur – My triumphant name


The divine item which devils and elevated stars converse to take
To claim for my essence in this state could tip the conflict
That wages within a fourth dimensional plane…My eternity may stumble in vain

But, old jolts sparks lighting emanating from forgotten gods
The Valkyrie sound trumpets as Odin and sons lie to favor our odds

There in a past time before my fall this is the image of what I saw

A lone lancer sits in a field blooming with broken blades
Glaring at the sky contemplating his own shame
Adamant and unyielding are the battle cries of his dead brothers
That found his mind a living sanctuary to plunder

We are the demi devils of war, cold steel excites our lust for blood
And the way of the warrior is our path that will complete this calling
They screamed at the threshold of their own culling

…What a portrait ever so vital…
To the history given generously as a mistaken providence

All a memory for the man that held a spear
 spared from the impending calamity
Due to the velocity that illuminated his skills as a master of violence
Yet, this well polished art
 chipped slowly away at his heart
And the lance that he carried was now a sigil carrying his sins

Tremble at the sight of Gungnir 
the bone that invokes a rageful lost spirit


Among the arrows that hailed from the sky
Those that stood as flowers to honor the dead, and their petals that flowed in a pool of blood
There will wandered the embodiment of justice left as a manifestation of pure carnage
How cruel is fate to the man justifying it all…What becomes of his sanity?

A beast he is now, so tragically no one cares to know
Yet, I wonder if pride stands firm when all you dream about is death
Perhaps unknown to those that fear him;
 This demon might still have a beautiful soul
Thus, honestly he sits alone searching the heavens to simply find a means to atone…

Naive I was to think so in the midst of a war
The impaler stood tall to impale those nigh to his own skin
The backbone of his atonement in my eyes a sigil broken within

Listen to close the dreams of his illusion

Unlimited retribution for the fallen swords that I walk upon
And for every fading face that disappears in silver shine of the moon
Thus, an evolution belonging to my vengeance that edifies a stubborn foe
Moves swift and vigilant to calm the raging beast that I bare

I know not the way of peace
For I have forsaken that path to stand in a field
That bloomed a garden of blades,
 therefore to the world I am the persistent will of havoc
A spear known only to the right hand of your death

So, Look to the sky

There a dark cloud formed of arrows is the storm I bring
It’s the culling that has been invoked by all of those that scream
Witness the carnage of a lone soul
The sword to bend time causing men and angels to fall short of their own

Accelerate the complex molecules that are calling
As cold steel carves a passageway to a threshold of providence,
Stare at heaven and behold
 that this is the way that awaits a righteous demon
Seeing how as only gods prevail in war, rather they be holy or otherwise lo…

A smile lingered upon his face, together red optic irises defiled the air
Leading me to lose my anointed place

…Gungnir… Gungnir…

Soon heaven will come unto the earth allowing my body to regain its angelic form
Then you and I will walk in the rain
Thunder shall be the drum of devastation, a loud whisper summoning your unholy name

Bestowed with the virtue of patience I surely await that day
Lavish in that hellish paradise unscathed
 for your hour of reckoning that nears knows no delay
The elaborate plot forged by the sisters belonging to fate
Foresaw Tyrael’s totality as a beacon in the last days

…T’was time

To tread towards the trinkets
 that trembled twining two temporal temples
Twisted three times thee tangled twin tides teeming
Tedious tendencies testifying tomorrow’s tied turbulence

Tectonic trigonometry tricked the tantalizing trinity
Thereby tribal tranny tore tranquility
Tempting temptations tatted tiles together to torment thus treachery

Tactless teaching
 tell tales truly their theories tilted though thunder
Timelessly trampled, trapped, then teased
 till the tiller toll the transcended triplets too…

This titan took terrible texture to
The technique tap tragically touching the tearful talent
Thereof tattooed tendons thoughtfully threatening thy tranced twilight
Theatrical the thought thumbing terror tightly they think

Tweet twice traumatized
 talking tyrants taking trouble to torture totality
Therein teeters the trifecta
These tainted teal talismans telepathically tailgating the triforce tailored tome
Theologic to the torrent truth 
that toxic tips transfixed tulips typical trifling thorns

Triumphantly tame thou throne to transmute treason,
Tarnishing the talons trademarked tenderly thereupon those thieves…


“Aurora Borealis” words that raged from the angel’s lips
A spell to scorch the high heavens 
granting man enlightenment as the firmament was severed


Beware my foe

Onto a geosphere streets plated with gold
Flooded the atmosphere with divinity denying glory to the sun
Gaia moved throughout the cosmos heliocentric thus,
 to the universe a new star has been born

Blessings for Excalibur is a saber no more
My amour gilt like the stone, a paladin restored… Look for me among light
I will be there smiting demons as they still roam

Oh Gungnir may you be gripped in woes…
Hear the here of my crusade dine between dusk and dawn either or our conflict will remain
Come stand before me villain,
 come and taste the fruits of defeat
That flourished from a tree of knowledge which you gave onto me

He came with haste striking with hell’s fury grinding his vampiric teeth

We fought in time and belonging to time we ran rampantly
Him in his lust though, me in my vengeance, 
all to witness a tragedy
For he pieced my abdomen and I his heart…episodic both blows landed violently

Subdued I did not
 more the horror a nightmare as a sin today was I to bear?

Holy father forgive me as wrath took my spirit
Great lancer do not die, Great lancer do not fold
Save your life…change…become that which hold…

Sinister eyes gave way to a sinister smile
 a spear became that from a body turning cold
And in my fist I grip a fallen foe as I pledged to reforge his lost soul

Yet, a fool I was again 
Lucifer’s aura corrupted my consciousness
Moreover, a legion branded bad sat in my ill-fated mind including Gungnir with that dire smile

My will is no longer mine
 genocide reigned from the lance that made its home my palms
Killing man, angels, and demons all hail the beast untamed
A psychotic seraphic servant of the lord I claim

But who do I dare ask is my lord while I weeped in pain?

Oblivion find this leviathan that plagues my perception
For I have drifted to the edges of my sanity
Lost in obscurity thirty days and thirty nights
 with mayhem, chaos, to follow

The anarchy proclaimed as Satan’s revolution

You desecrate a holy temple of God you foul swine
Where the almighty is love benign art thou true love mine
If only I could conquer my own wits
Wasted pleas would not deafen my creator’s ears not one bit

Fiendish along the halls infested in fury I gravitate
My sight leering darkness I felt like nothing more
Than a flea bitten hell hound howling at the skies door

Be still the substances of this madness and, take a gaze

Radiant in her own sheen she came before me
The cherished gem I held for an eternity
The jewel that was dressed in a sapphire ocean blue dress
My eternal wife calypso the reason gold floods within my chest

A wave within infinity to bring calmness to any storm

Amidst this downpour when the waters turned against me
There was my goddess extending out her saving hands towards thee
Caressing my tear so that they could recede…

The hurricane which moved along my cerebral shadows
Took serenity as like a river flowing with harmony
Between the raindrops which liquefied her unforgettable kiss

Bliss…Oh, of wine my queen has always been so sweet…

A royal offset echoed this phrase to me
Make light this burden then, rise heaven’s holy knight
For your eyes dye pure therefore, clean is thy soul king

Sing with me brothers hymns akin to redemption to repent
Bound parallel the moments where I stabbed her bosom with flit
After a realization that I was still a slave I decapitated the lady who made light concave


Bear witness Odin’s eye that was gifted unto Mimir
A vile cutlass possessed blind an unholy sheer

Raving, wailing, and agonizing in disbelief
The sight of shear that transpired upon his beloved sheath
I vow to tear asunder this evil twisted abyss
The raven that thunders nevermore eradicating the soulless

I will be the horseman bring judgment day unto these wolves
Dog spewing dogma reckless fools
 preaching how I became flawed as a claymore killing dragons
And, how slaying others became trademarked my fashion

My mind may have remained oh so clear
Yet, my bones soaked in everlasting sin when I pieced Gungnir

Still I lament the irony of it all…

Thusly, I took notice words the spearman grinned to say
My lesser a lesson in how to subdue, come with me enjoy the next act in our play

Excalibur the mercenary to excel death he entitled it
Where a story entails 
a generation astray engulf in brimstone and madness
Having my face to be the image of the antichrist…One to lead the sleeping masses

Sadness, seeing silk satin sunsets sew such suffering
Nevertheless, adhere this that betides my fate
Forever falsified as a feeble forgery 
counterfeited to clone the core crux that is corruption…

…The embodiment running towards chaos it seems…

Perceive crystals shining white with no value,
 and pearly gates engraved yet gravely gemless
To comprehend my evanescent faith as I accepted my destiny…am I really this helpless?

Is there any liberation for a humble creation I wondered…?

If so it may lie among the grounded fig leaves
The spectacle that sparked ionized particles to strike a fig tree
Discharging a stellar voice versifying the word “believe”

As two twin doves dove to aid a prisoner misguided
Landing upon my shoulders liberating my arms blessings to the almighty king of kings for sure

Please give me strength as I sever these lower ligaments

Thereby this demon crowded shell shall not move
Until I can bring about peace within thy own mind
For they do not need my consciousness to wield this body of mine
Thus a finite journey to meditate absent to the ideals of time

Transcend into the cerebellum I wish I had lobotomized
The nine circles internally fortified
 with Hades himself as my unwanted guide
Followed the lawless renegade through the cold I did, haunted religiously by seven deadly sins

Brutes, rooted as the accused,
 primed to take my existence if my torment no longer amused
So, I thought of white cherry blossoms to keep my composer
And in my thoughts among these demons did those blossoms bloom

Benevolent sacred petals swayed gently
As if a lullaby took chance to be their escort
What beauty I wondered
 as I was being dressed within eve’s looming shackles

Gungnir thus I murmured…
 look…Can you see our salvation brother
It whispers from the mouth of these holy vines
Although he sneered at my words
 I found glory with them
Moreover, in my mind the perception of my mind’s eye

That which I lost in my hope for vengeance
That which I had forsaken within my quest for revenge

As did my kin Gungnir did

Not always was he so inked in bloodlust
For when I grabbed that moment to view these flowers did the truth of my enemy reveal itself

In a past life ages, and eons ago
 he was the omnipotent spear of Odin
Never to miss his target therefore,
he served in endless battles as the God’s right hand

After a time that lasted beyond the scope of countless lives
Odin the wise granted him freedom…No longer did he, have to take that which was not his
No more did he, have to be a figure feared

Maybe he thought he could find a means to love
Lifetimes he searched and in a lifetime he found one

She that was dressed in rubies 
crowned of scarlet locks as to seduce a man’s passion
Also in view a fire like crimson stare 
that stood to sparked a flame within our hearts
A desire intensified to match that of the sun

Together would they laughed in the summer running across a field of red roses
Singing with the cardinal fowls that flew by blessing their affection for one another
The earth too screamed praises to honor their joy
As volcanos erupted…echoing Krakatoa’s perceptional vows

Heaven to them was like an inferno 
twisting with all the outstanding colors of time
They even had a child born to Arian blood ergo
 on his birthday meteors fell with a blaze
To announce his forthcoming – Vulcan was his name

Yet, being of fire things tend to burn away
War came swift
 and a nearby kingdom asked dear Gungnir for aid
To protect his family he agreed to protect the kingdom
Although, never to step further than a journey’s day

Malice…The king of Arcadia was a greedy man who hated not getting what he so wants

Therefore, on one war torn night Gungnir took post a ways from his home
And in the eve of night the king slaughtered his house hold
Thinking Gungnir to have no other attachments
 except to the king’s army’s stronghold;
A fool the king’s rightful color…plated gold

Gungnir raged at the sight of his dead beloved wife and son
His eyes cried with tears covered in blood that which his spear craved so much
He stormed the castle dethroning the royal family
Untamed like a wild beast and in the king’s last words… Mercy is what he pleaded


…Never have I seen a such suffering brought to a king…

Still Gungnir 
lost to his insanity traveled home to burn his past
Though among the heart breaking memories a letter lied last

A message that was written by his late wife;
 A poem that spoke of his smile
Likewise did the sonnet state that if she should ever die
That his grin would be the only paradise need in her afterlife

Among these flowers my dear brother is our salvation I reiterated…

As “Aurora Borealis” echoed from my lips
My mind peered beyond the darkness scorching the high heaven’s bliss
To awaken the heart of Gungnir out of that slumbering abyss

Therein a righteous flame appeared a woman of this a dress scarlet with ruby like diamonds
Sunna the sun, a star known as an ember’s wish
The goddess draped in red murmured these words with a kiss to the spearman’s cheek
Come with me our son waits for his father
 the great Gungnir who loved me

Anger only grew upon the demonic lancer’s face
Peering down everyone with malice, chalice for it may be my last drink
Fear stood over all…”Tectonic Tranny” the words that growled through his teeth

A loud tremor coursed through the depths of my mind, thus his sorcery relieving those imps from me
Yet, because of my lacerated legs I was unable to move
Though when I blinked
 Gungnir had already started killing the devilish fools

His wife the phoenix of heaven healed my wounds
Begging in tears that I stop his spear and the gore attuned
So, I summoned seven forbidden swords from the sky
To pin a warrior who for years was mortified

In return for seven eons would I be unconscious to time

Lucifer fled leaving behind the phrase wasn’t it all so sublime
…Glory…Divine… Tyrael appeared
 “Awaken” he shouted then all became clear…

This was a dream
 as I awoke in the haven of my chambers

With my love standing at my side
 as lovely as the ocean blue teal tide
Together, Tyrael stood there to clarify
Looking deeply into the fragmented pieces of my mind

You are the chosen prophet cursed with the gift to foresee
Gungnir will come make sure you are ready
For devils also have those that are haunted by prophecy
The sword and the spear are forever tied through the fate of destiny.

~ Paradise’s Poet ~