Baron Tranquillity

Fancy that new born horizon 
That bears the sight of dawn 
Its a peaceful thing, is it not 
Something I wish to hold within these bittersweet memories that I have 
But the chalices of time 
that we humans drink from
Seem to be running a bit dry 
And so I j must enjoy this moment while I have it
Although If I was a religious man
I swear that this would be the face of god 
But I am not 
Yet I will still believe that if there was such a creator
It would be this beautiful 
Because such an old soul as I 
I have found delight that this view is baron in a sense 
For one can really find themselves among such tranquillity 
More so I guess 
The world seems less troubling 
With this rising… purifying…. Glow that rest at the edge of the ocean 
Truly I must be lucky
Or this unknown God is truly generous 
Whatever the case silence is what this moment deserves 
And an act of undying admiration 

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~