Beauty Among The Stars – Night Sky Pt 5

What if I gave up heaven 

To hold onto the stars 
Would I burn 
Like the inferno foolish ambitions that I carry

For maybe the stars 
Are just like flowers with thorns
Yet they only wish to be admired from afar

Or perhaps they hope to find 
Someone that wouldn’t mind holding on to them 
Even if they bare spikes of agony along their stems

Whatever the case

Underneath the night sky 
I wait to give a flower to a lone lost star 
As my hands bleed from my tightly griped hold
Around a flower’s stem

A fool for the stars I know I am
But the pain I carry 
Doesn’t hurt so bad 

For the beauty hold 
And of that I wish to hold
Elevates me beyond 
What is know to some as a mortal torment 

So let me burn 
With the sight of the stars
Which to me 
Is a vision of my own personal heaven 

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~