Before The Dawn

It was before the dawn when I stared at this literal shadow of my former self
And sewed into my skin was the un-repented shame masked as my hopeless sin
Lost in paradise then, the frozen wasteland that I now wandered in
Became defiled as my mortal soul was possessed by God’s beloved abominations

Weep only at the grave was Death’s final whisper

Traverse the inferno as a night fiend corrupted slightly by harlot hands
Screaming vanity towards that everlasting moon
As you embrace the frigid winds beating from Lucifer’s black broken wings

For, I have become scum that has been absolved in the blood of heathen gods
A sultan that lingers in the silence which belongs to creations last breathe
Sub coming to cruelty while dining in the tomb of heresy
Labeled as heaven’s heretic declaring divine mutiny be stilling chaos among the cosmos

Although, Judgment reigns

What was once a pool of gold became a sea burning with forgotten vitality
Kings and queens lived long behind these walls that fortified the city known as Dis
Thus, I akin fell right in place… a grim mockery to what I claimed in life

…Or rather what I stole from a life

Yet, am I to blame for the verdict
That lies along the treachery of these illegitimate hymns
Tied to self-accusations and vivid unwanted memories
Bound forever to a plutonian deity… yes…I believe so…I believe that I am

Because when time weighted heavy I lacked the required faith to believe in myself
Giving into quickly immortality that was simply presented to me
Something like a forbidden fruit, so sweet but that of a poison clementine…

The air reeks with our agony… our unappealing suffering
More so we are blinded by the sight of our future torment and past transgressions
What I fear most is that I may never know what it means to love again
Sadly there is no sleep here… just fragile fools wandering around these circles of hell.

~ Paradise’s Poet ~