Beyond The Black Paintings

Disregard this disposition that is very attentive to those proclaimed disenchanting vows
Let a sultan watch as a poor man hangs, likewise torment he who asked why and,
May I stand mortified, veering at galleries lost to an image persecuting the righteous
Lawless thus, I must inquire bloodshed and to what purpose is it to defile the dead

… It’s the proper insurance to behead they said…
Eliminating a perchance, but all I saw was another devil that danced

Say a prayer my brother thy executioner is to come swift
Smear a sneer across these canvases which portrays the subtle ironies of life as a gift
As a sublime subatomic tension submits to a soul substance becoming so surely subterraneous
Curious, I have become to these ravines that peak over this foreign peninsula

For in the moonlight there are shadows that make norm this never-ending sense of insomnia

Therefore, Francisco tell me, what do deaf men hear
Perhaps, only the sounds of perception illuminating in one’s artistic eyes
…Although, That’s if blindness doesn’t apply;

Thorns transformed into a king’s crown I believe it could be so
I suppose, expose the if, so-s and a rose shall petal gold… egro

If a duke then so a prince pictured in this portrait, hence a flower for my duchess
One that blushes at my sweet words, such daunting words that perpetuates my illness
A man whom of which envies the colossuses adrift in his own dreams
Who without reason or sentiment things battled a fierce domestic internal beast

Consequently, what was left was flesh and blood staining these moments she now mourns for
The darken edges grip ever so tighter…The false priest will soon face the inquisition
Night crawlers and flying fiends feast freely on a dying man’s woes
So, magnify your throne, beyond these black paintings if to find beauty among the Caprichos

~ Paradise’s Poet ~