Blood For Blood

“Edging ever so close to a rushing river I stood vexed
Preparing myself for the onslaught that was to come, abruptly, a horrid creature launched at me
Swiftly, I became evasive promptly dodging, rolling, and sliding
Sidestepping so forth a crisis looking to pierce my heart, seeking ever to decapitate even my soul

Must I contest this conflict, therefore entertaining a confrontation plainly psychotic
For, the flames that raged from our villain’s eyes were trademarked as demonic
As was the devil’s assault that raved, tearing open the heavens, furthermore ravaging thunder
Consequently, asunder became the ground as lighting gripped tightly around this fiend’s blade

Striking the wind and only the air as I endured to stay elusively safe
What am I to do about this unyielding threat, whom of which, runs with a primal surge
Whereas, dreary are becoming my thoughts as I foresee a massacre…
A grim gore stemming from a relentless shadow so hunting me as if I were cattle” – He explained

Thus parry, forever soundly as a deadly dance ensues

Along the riverbanks two drew steel, blood for blood, underneath a blood moon
Visualize open wounds crying crimson tears by the river’s side
Bleeding into the rushing waters that grew evermore intensely as one struggled to survive
Yet, tragically he moved slowly towards a dire tune that pre-told of a fool’s unfortunate demise

No mercy lingered for the genocide, ergo

Carnage was a tempo to drown out another, with sharp metal to know that of bone
And there lied a grin, one our protagonist gave knowing that this should be his final stand
A lily to bloom amidst a tempest blending with a perfect storm
As several hidden shivs became thorns found embedded within his weak side, lilium inter spinas

Admire the fire burning, one igniting a nightmare’s frantic, violent eyes, passion so vivified…although still…

“It seems not all flowers are as easily swayed as their petals…Some have thorns, but they  remain just as elegant”
Is what he said, as he sat, watching the flowing river, with a razor’s edge held firmly up to his neck
“And a beautiful woman with swords, such as you, is surely a rose” is what he conveyed unto her
While presenting a rose unto her, this assassin like vixen, whose bloodlust died from a dying man offering fragile, fading vows

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~