Bumble Bees

Simeon gold to bejewel the honey that is blissfully bittersweet
Producing barbarically in the belly aching hive of a boastful beast
There thy lackluster shine confuses bumblebees
Blinding them to the benevolent beauty in which they have born freely

Broken by the forgotten vivid phases tied to Babylon
Is the bloodline hidden in Sumerian tides and tales that tell
Epics pertaining to great floods deluding a deluge once lost to a biblical book

Nonsense the masses scream, as bumblebees sting as to protect that which they cannot see
Perhaps their creation their God maybe… like the gilt-ed honey that drips upon man’s teeth

Therefore of golden vocal folds do human beings sing hymns and praises
Towards the sky quoting rhetorical rhetoric directed at the unknown
Potent with faith, believing in those mysteries illuminated distinctly for outlasting generations
Giving a lifespan proof that these words are god, preaching god is love, and that love is eternal

How can one argue with such logic…
Why is one a blasphemous heretic spewing dogma
If they choose to question the church just so they can know the face of their creator

A foolish inquiry I guess
It’s like having an inquisition held against your government
Followed by being branded a criminal terrorist for not believing in their ongoing propaganda
It all comes down to which honey is sweeter for the majority

As majority rules…they say

Democracy and religion does not work when most people
Only have a peephole view of knowledge and truth
It can however give off the illusion that opinions matter and sins are resolved
Ignorance can enslave someone as well as damn their soul

Although, what do I know, what do you know of me… this was meant to be about bumble bees.

~ Paradise’s Poet ~