Calypso’s Eclipse

Eclipse the stars for a moment that may become an hour of tender tidings
As I tell you of a dream that speaks to me tales forever tied to the sighing seas
Under the moon, which is now, suddenly lost to the holy signs of an echoing Virgo…
Vertigo so benevolent, so took me as I dared to stare at this delightful divinity

Calypso was her name

A flower blessed with an ebony shade, furthermore my affection weighted
Allowing time to rest in its own eternal thoughts that seem to fade
As light once concaved began to shine from her in such an infinite way
The sheen she displayed brought tears to the heavens and joy on this day

Therefore, watch these open waves confined themselves unto a ballet

Thus, veer your sights towards a Goddess, who controls spatial quantum tides
Thereby, occasionally flooding the sky with a natural stellar bliss
Think for an isolated second of all the wonders that could follow a cosmic creature’s kiss
One who edifies a turbulent storm raging within the heartless

To understand that true wonderment curves a bit parallel to the oceans
Or identical to a gentle smile, which forms from the delicate ellipse of her mocha lips
Hence, convicted I am I must admit
Transfix I sit amidst this concealed essence perpetuating her fragileness

Such ambiance…

Petrified within my perception, an iris personified to be sincerely fortified
Between the banks drowning in my mind; on an island which often aligns
To a caressing touch beaming off that unyielding radiant sunrise and standing divine
Your irises clarify those traits among your eyes that beholds such a beautiful soul

Listen Calypso…Sweet dearest Calypso
There is a breeze whispering across these barren shores
Singing so compellingly this captivating aspect tailored to a sense so everlasting
And I believe…I honestly believe that this phenomenal spirit…it may only be yours

~ Paradise’s Poet ~