Canto 79: The Alchemist

Alchemic expressions will linger within these verses of mine
That transmute symbols into knowledge
Seeking desperately for the evidence tied to an equivalent exchange
Which is not a law, but a promise… A subatomic bond created from emotions like that of love

Something once so sacred to the human psyche,
Yet now, the main sacrifice to sacrilege among man
Horrible it all seems, as the blood which justifies dying personas seeping ever so grimly
Through the equinox of an elegant hourglass timing dearly the creation of a philosopher’s stone

The magic vindicating Von Hohenheim’s blessings and Newtonian gravity

Therefore, Hermes grip tightly a guarded chemistry once foretold
As distorted eyes stare deeply at the edges of religion’s threshold
Solely to comprehend the science belonging to the Greek gods of old

The mythos pulling about the element sol,
As the Luna loses it’s soul; A Venus shall wait for a king
Predating the pyramids along with all other things…Shamefully, society’s new universal three
Those that were scripted unto these emerald pages buried deeply beneath Egyptian gold
Dogmatic principles and verses whispering a heretic’s fatal final woes

…Equally ancient ties above and below…

Living abominations unable to escape their own logical minds
Known as thee envious homunculi prideful-ly claiming a lustful truth reforming self greed
Subjecting one’s spirit unto retribution thereby of Elohim’s wrath, if one should ever believe

That divinity is an attribute imbued within all, thus all is divine…Although why,
I must ask is philosophy such a heavenly crime; or perhaps it’s an experimental trial
A quantum step…
A sanctified scientific method geared towards opening the doors to our immortality
But, is eternity worth anything if a being suffers such forever alone

…The vanity of infinity I suppose

Nevertheless, look ahead for into gilt will I convert Saturn from lead
Purposefully, as I am thee, and thy rings reign throughout heaven as my own cosmic halos,
So sing with me these lines tied to the words canto seventy-nine
As angelic mortals become a variety of lights by virtue of a periodic prism
Refining life transparently benign to have algorithms burn against those biblical brimstones…

The true gift of the alchemist maybe their enlightenment
A symbolic formula made metal and esoteric like your unequivocal soul

~ Paradise’s Poet ~