Captain’s Log: Star Date Alpha – 7154

Captain’s Log: Star Date Alpha,… 71 54,

Adrift throughout the cosmos I have found myself at awe,
However, this is not with the planetary construction of these heavenly bodies,
Nor, of thee radiance regarding those celestial seraphic stars,…
No,…honestly, such anomalies are quite common to me now,…What I speak of, is something much more, existential,
More over, one dimensional,… and perhaps, a bit comical to an omnipresent, omnipotent god,

Let me encompass my anguish further, so, that you may understand,

The data provided by my starship’s schematics indicates that my propulsion systems are obsolete,
And, as I stated before, I am simply drifting,…
Drifting through this infinite universe, finding myself overwhelmed at the sounds of my absolute solitude,
It never occurred to me that loneliness,…could be such a maddening opposition,
An emotional condition, which is causing me to abandon what I, or rather we,…have ever considered as sanity,

…Was there a we?…I’m not sure,…

Everything seems rather augmented, and yet, somehow artificial, as if a fantasy became real,
I have been astray on this voyage for close to a year’s time,
My three other shipmates have been deprived of life, and as it looks,…I wonder closely behind,

Six months ago, the crew went into a cryogenic stasis, as to preserve the lengths of their lives as we traveled,
Thus, I too, was meant to dream in a frozen slumber, alongside my comrades,
But, something belonging to an enigma took place before my frigid sleep,… an extraordinary event developed,
Where from the center of our galaxy,… a galactic wide, electrical magnetic pulse, reverberated,…therefore,…

Most of the starship’s systems were damaged, our communication board lied riven, and I,…I saw death in my eyes,
The main life support went off line for an extended period-of-time,
Thereby,… if it was not for my be-loved exo suit,…my last thought,… it would have been a suffocating goodbye,…
Horrifying,… is the notion, regarding one’s, own demise,… A parlay,… the dismay that could eclipse, the divine,

I digress,… among the isolation that breathes,
Nevertheless, speaking of that oh so holy deity,…maybe this is how God felt preceding the universe’s genesis,…
Possibly,…our purpose is to rid him of his own alienation,… why else create creatures paring a conscious complexity?…
Such relevant empathy, I suppose,… or propose, to the stars that sit currently, as my only friends to converse with,…
…The echoing screams of silence,… attributed to the vast nothingness,…are indeed….abysmal,…

Captain’s Log: Star Date Omega – 71 54,………End.

– Ren’ee Verona