Somber shadows often see a color shade which tends to cover a garden rose

But all too often, do we overlook these flowers themselves; it’s our vile vanity I suppose

Thus, it seems those maybe the eerie thoughts tailored for assassin, one who is becoming frigid and cold

So, listen for a moment, as in a moment the composition of my will shall be composed

…Woes in the twilight hours found vividly exposed…

Throughout the night my covenant friend edged of sharp steel knew only a murderous intent

While the moon sat in the sky as our guide, with a silent chill as a comforting hand fairly present

Onward we raced ever so episodically towards a smell that intoxicated the air with iron

Fulfilling an unyielding blood-lust we shared; surely a quantum tide accelerating particles of fire

Strange it felt, that this bond I had with an onslaught never appeared to be foreign or shameful

I delighted in the wake of was to be a swift and frequent culling

As my blade belonged to the kingdom’s king, and I more than honored obeyed his crown

Furthermore was I proud, therefore any foe unto my lord, a future corpse, my oath and vow

Still, Fading chimes; hence beautiful are these ebbing thymes and the parallel decaying time

I find a bit lost I am, while and when staring at particular petals depicted as indigo

Let me show you Fibonacci’s greatest secret among a cryptic cosmos

Observe faint filled whispers set between the delicate seconds of my dying ethos

…For therein lays her sweet, gentle name…

Cattleya, a flora she pointed ever so fondly at during a summer’s midday

Ergo, Astray I presumed myself I would say

When I became seduced by the virtues of this woman’s smile and of her imperial eyes

Forever taken by her… “Lovely are they not,” she asked… “Enchanting,” I replied

Then, thusly I plucked the soft vine’s defenseless stem…A gift for one so very benign within

“Why rush something that is inevitable” she cried

Just as I watched as tears flooded from her now un-tranquil mind

“Death comes for everything” she sighed “All life is precious for life’s fate is to die”

Naïve I thought as I left with no returning gestures or any talented goodbyes

…Some men are evil and are blessed with a quick demise…

Feel that ominous breeze corrupting the midnight, caressing thy face, echoing tales of the moonlight

You killed my father and brother a boy screamed as I beheld a cattleya blooming in the night

Fight we did, however I could only see Cattleya’s eyes;

Distracted by the thoughts that I was the evil one in this boy’s life…My assassin’s pride made me so blind

The clashing duel raged on,

And honestly I wanted to spare this child if only to protect her essence for while

Forfeiting guile and reckless I became as the boy stumble towards that prolific flower,

A grand effort I made to push him away,

Yet, therein that moment my grim dismay, for I rushed directly into his vengeful blade

Perspecitvely, there laid a change in a killer’s heart that slowly became more concave

A bit of wisdom at my grave… divine “ All life is precious” my atoning last line

So fondly I pointed at that beloved flower reflecting upon my sinful crimes

Lovely are they not Cattleya asked me once

As enchanting as a garden’s rose was my final un-forsaken but dimming thoughts

(In that moment I understood what precious life truly was… Thank you my unspoken love.)

– Renee Verona