Chaos Ensues

What would you have of me?

The savagery that is confounded to the eradicating thoughts
That clings to the open scars in my mind
Or of the benevolence that protects the fading impulses
That echoes, vibrational life
From that of my fragile and, yet dying heart

It’s a pitiful conundrum that baffles reason
Together does it make a fool of intuition
And still I stand hopelessly in the midst of the two
Whereas one is eternally careless, and the other forever reckless

But, tell me,
Does the tectonic tyranny of a torment soul
Shed tears for the purified body once tainted by its own ignorance…


Thus, is it feasible
That a question such as this may stem to the core of all that is chaotic
To all that lingers in a beautiful sense, bound by a divine disorder
Masked as a sequence held only to that of an elegant inelegance…

If so I wonder…

What random events that are star-crossed are so phenomenal
That the beloved angels would fall from the good graces of heaven
Leaving man to search on earth for the cryptic signs God
And is faith all there is left to believe in

Because it would seem

As if faith is the last known parable that was cherished and hoped for
Like an idealist concept lost to some sort of idol or entity…

Perhaps this could be the unfortunate case that lies at hand
Therefore, who I am probably does not matter
Although, what I am could still beg the question

Hence, chaos ensues far beyond this cosmic order
With the sole purpose to cripple a misunderstood universe

~ Paradise’s Poet ~