Chaotic Beauty

Awaken empty
And look into nothingness with your third eye
Swim within the void un-hilted to gravity as we veer towards infinity

There seven chakras will align to balance out seven sins
Bring about harmony to an enlighten being

Abandon self and realize that you are one with all
Even one with the demons that you fear so much
Grab hold to this notion thusly, to cast it to the winds.

Relinquish yourself of desire
For it is far to selfish to have any
Make peace with the ideal that everything is as but a dream
And that we… you… I are but particles devoid of anything

Conscious to that which we soly believe

Humble yourself enough to comprehend that this possibility
Can create what is possible
Rather it be that of one true God or of thousands

Because perhaps we are all
That one cosmic entity split into thousands among thousands
Capable of everything – existing here, now, then and there
Within different shapes and forms whereas we are truly that which is formless

Not living but neither are we dead
Forever creating life so we may understand ourselves
And death so that we may have some sense of what it means to die
As the term everlasting is more so our rightful curse, then paradise unseen

Still, having consciousness, spirit, or soul to be the one thing
That could hold any true weight within this dense universal reality

Therefore can you image being so omnipotent yet so lonely…
Being the first to become aware that you are… that…you simply are
But there was nothing there to help you make sense of
And all that you honestly had was your own imagination
That would become real if you so willed it; I then ask what would you create?

Whatever universe of chaotic beauty it maybe
Let’s begin it all with a bang…savvy
As a single thought explodes into the hollowed heavens

~ Paradise’s Poet ~