Comets In The Primordial Sky

I have seen comets swim across a primordial sky that filled a dull hemisphere with magic
Leaving traces of stardust in their wake, which fell in an extraordinary fashion
And, I blinded with passion cared not for such wonders
As in my mind’s madness the utmost enchanting ideas wandered with a lingering compassion


A fidelity so heavenly, thus unto thee waiting to bloom sat the essence of every flower
Personifying the spirit of an heiress admired and adored by an Aries and his Arian soul
Intrepid, yet forever lost to a twilight belonging to the mythos of her ambient glow
One that held a perpetual purple tint much like a compelling amethyst stone

…A violet jewel said to manifest from an ancient tale predating the modern ethos…

Therefore, from an eternal echo made benign by the cryptic shine tainting her hazel eyes
I see a woman parallel to the goddess Isis, furthermore within my irises I have found this
That I only stand mummified in moments coded cosmic or symbolic relative to her presence
Look benevolence crystallized for a time, so that I may define a creature that mystifies

However, she who edifies those that remain a bit ignorant to a beauty captivating this new age
One crowned with dreadlocks, the sensation stimulating these cerebral thoughts
It would seem my sub-consciousness screams of her image as a beloved forget me not…Still
More I ask of this compelling hemlock flowing within my veins ascertained as the untamed

For, less mundane day by day this fragile universe appears as I gaze upon this revelation
Even suns gravitate towards temptation as empyreal stars tend to caress her brunette skin
Therein, geocentric she has been, fancy a visual view tied to a world of her wonderment

Nevertheless, thee elegance which brim from this lotus stands as a delicate genesis
That emphasizes a weary heart’s enlightenment
Hence, to protest could prove to be perhaps perilous, although only a cretin dares to be so dim
Forgive me paradise’s gem, but words often lack the ability to depict such a celestial being…yet

It would seem my attention is simply a creation existing only to appreciate you as a stellar dream

~ Paradise’s Poet ~