Confounded Solitude

Confound I am to the weakness of my own sanity,
For I am a vagabond. 
That searches for the joy 
That belongs to a lover’s quarrel.
The passion that lies within the heat of that moment 
Can give purpose to life.
In a since that one still has a heart to love.
But, as of now 
I travel alone
Enriched by the tale of my own solitude.
Yet, this path of one 
That has been label as a loner
Does not weep or woe. 
For, I hold the riches of the world 
WithIn my eyes.
Therefore, I can see the beauty 
That is embedded within 
The diamond incrusted sky. 
Still, I am a man of needs, 
And these needs long to be satisfied. 
I just wish you where here, 
So I can see that beauty within the irises of your eyes.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~