An iconic state of confusion
Is slowly cultivating itself into my already convoluted mind
Its like I’m slipping further and further away… towards a tainted twilight
Which has been immensely riddled with particle eclipses and paranormal skies

Once more would I like to hear the talented goodbyes
That screams from the ongoing raging sunset
As it agonizes over its own looming demise

The lonesome soul forever tied to a personified wasteful vanity
A vampiric like lust held by a dense dark destiny thus gravity
To think that light would even shine in this black pearl of life that is mine

…Hysterical, and together all to horrifying to comprehend
But, beautiful nonetheless

Akin to the notion of a raving senseless composer
Slamming his finger tips upon the archaic piano’s broken keys
Hoping for the world to understand the melody
That would thrive from the chaos of his overbearing heart

The simpleton left daring… always daring for an everlasting encore

How delusional can one man be
However, what is a man without his dreams
Can you now see why I am so uncertain about my own sanity
As I watch this setting sun burn with its first and last dying cry

I only wish I could trap this sight within my eyes
To let this view remain throughout the night
Perhaps then my soulless stare would gleam with wonder
Allowing me to look clearly beyond this obscure turmoil that lies

A clouded magic vindicated, thus I ask who dares to dream otherwise

~ Paradise’s Poet ~